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Photographic tour of Helsinki

Get ready to embrace the sights of Helsinki and its islands I have covered the architecture, birds, sea sights, ships, ferries and the most common things that you might come across in the Finnish European town of Helsinki, the capital of Finland


Stroll around Hyvinkää

After we reached and found some time to go around, we went for a walk around this Finnish town. Here I am sharing a few of the typical scenes that one would encounter. This is how the sun glares at 10:20 PM These empty streets would explain the population density here Streets covered in beauty The railway The…


Journey to Finland

This trip to Finland is regarding the research collaboration that we were entitled to, concerning the participation of Aman, Subhojeet and me in the KONE Hackathon 2k17 at Chennai. We are travelling to so that we could work closely with the R&D Team of KONE to help them in various aspects and build the future of elevators…

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